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2002 Tachwedd 26

Gwenllian Mari Rhys


Fascinating website. Interesting that you are combining Catalan and Welsh. I own an apartment in Cataluyna! I came across site whilst beginning a search for my late grandfather's, brother's (Idris Davies) children. Idris and his wife, Velma lived in Lima, Ohio. They visited us in Wales in the early 1950s before I was born and then again in 1968. Idris would have been born 1880-90s. He was older than my grandfather who was born in 1898. He came from the Welsh mining valleys. One of his sons was a Dentist in the US Military, missing Vietnam by being posted to Germany. He had another daughter living in Arizona. I have lived in London, UK for 30 years and visit the US often. It would be good to find my relatives. Any ideas of where I might start the search.


2002 Mawrth 20
Dydd Mercher - dimecres - Wednesday

Mawrth - Març - March/20/2002 11:43:37pm
Enw / Nom / Name: Dr Hywel Davies
E-bost / correu electrònic / E-Mail:
Location: Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom
Comments: What an excellent web site - as a Welshman living in England it is a joy to see!

2002 Mawrth 16

Dydd Sadwrn - dissabte - Saturday

Mawrth - Març - March/16/2002 5:59:49pm
Enw / Enw / Nom / Name: Mr. ChiRho
E-bost / correu electrònic / E-Mail:
Teitl y Tudalen Hafan / Títol de la Pàgina Principal / Homepage Title: ChiRho Network (no religious connection)
Cyfeiriad y Tudalen Hafan / Adreça de la Pàgina Principal / Homepage URL:
Lle / Lloc / Location: Abertawe, D/S Abertawe
Sylwadau / Comentaris / Comments: Syniad da - galla i ddarparu rhai o'r ddiffiniadau ar gyfer rhai o'r geiriau heb diffiniad "llawn" (tybed y rhai borffor) - ebost fel uchod
Good idea - I can provide some definitions for some of the words not fully defined (I assume the ones in purple) - email as above
I know no Catalan whatsoever, but I have some Spanish (not sure if this will "cael ei werthfawrogi":
Una buena idea - yo puedo defin ir algos cosas que no tengan trasducción completo (?estoy correcto son los cosas pequeños?) - dirección e-correo
como arriba
Ateb / Reply: Diolch yn fawr Mister (ChiRo) am eich neges. Mewn gwirionedd mae'r diffiniadau i gyd wedi eu gwneud gennym - y gwaith mawr yw rhoi popeth ar lein (am ein bod yn gwneud cant a mil o bethau ar yr un pryd ar y wefan - llyfrau arlein, geiriaduron eraill, ayyb) . Os liciech chi wneud geiriadur atodiadol ar eich gwefan chithau byddwn yn falch o roi dolen gyswllt ar ei gyfer.
Diolch eto. Da boch chi, Ianto

2002 Mawrth 06

Dydd Mercher - dimecres - Wednesday

Mawrth - Març - March/06/2002 7:58:58pm
Enw / Enw / Nom / Name: Terry Jones
E-bost / correu electrònic / E-Mail: c&tphillips
Lle / Lloc / Location: BC Canada
Sylwadau / Comentaris / Comments: My Grandfather was born William Tregarth Jones in Santander, Spain about 1892. His father was a Welsh sea captain (David?) Jones and his mother was Maria Cortez (Cortiz?). My grandfather had at least one sibling, a sister, whom he came to America with, after being orphaned. This sister presumably settled in America, but was separated from my grandfather. Looking for clues...

2002 Mawrth 06

Dydd Mercher - dimecres - Wednesday

Mawrth - Març - March/06/2002 0:54:37am
Enw / Enw / Nom / Name: Jeff Gwilt
E-bost / correu electrònic / E-Mail:
Lle / Lloc / Location: Blooming Prairie, MN
Sylwadau / Comentaris / Comments: Looking for information about James Gwilt who settled in Pleasant Grove,Minnesota in 1857.His parents, Frances and Mary Gwilt immigrated to Onondaga, New York in 1836 from Wales.

2002 Mawrth 05

Dydd Mawrth - dimarts - Tuesday

Mawrth - Març - March/05/2002 0:46:05am
Enw / Nom / Name: Emilie
E-bost / correu electrònic / E-Mail:
Location: o Baris (Ffrainc)
Comments: Rydw i'n mwynhau eich gwefan chi! I laughed while reading your page about the genesis of llanfairpwll ayyb.
If you'd like some help to translate some pages in french, I can help you, rydw i'n mwynhai'r iaith gymraeg!
I'm also writing for something else: I'm looking for the welsh translation of the European motto *
Europe: Union in the diversity* for an european organism. I think it's: Ewrop: Yr undeb yn yr amrywiaeth. Is it false or true???

Ateb / Reply: Diolch am eich neges Emilie. A diolch am gynnig trosi peth o'r wefan i'r Ffrangeg. Ar hyn o bryd nid yw yn fwriad gennym wneud adran Ffrangeg, ond efallai y'i gwnawn rywdro. "Undeb mewn amrywiaeth" fyddai trosiad yr ymadrodd sydd gennych. Da boch chi, Ianto Glan Tawe.

2002 Chwefror 22

Dydd Gwener / divendres / Friday

Chwefror - febrer - February/22/2002 5:33:24am
Enw / Nom / Name: Serpent Goddess
E-bost / correu electrònic / E-Mail:
Teitl y Tudalen Hafan / Títol de la Pàgina Principal / Homepage Title: The Unknown Hero - Adventure/RPG
Cyfeiriad y Tudalen Hafan / Adreça de la Pàgina Principal / Homepage URL:
Location: Canada
Comments: Wow! I was very impressed by your Welsh names. Some of these may make it into the game. Thank you. (Oh, and if you feel like checking us out we're looking for dialogue writers and a Welsh culture advisor.)

Ateb / Resposta / Reply: Ym... dim diolch!


2002 Chwefror 25

Dydd Llun / dilluns / Monday

Chwefror - febrer - February/25/2002 2:03:55am

Name: Celvin Ruisdael


Location: -

Comments: I am looking for "Antarctica" and "Oceania" in Cymraeg.
Could you add this two in your next update ? Yours, Celvin Ruisdael

Ateb / Resposta / Reply: “Antarctica”; Oceania > “Ynysoedd y De”

2002 Chwefror 14

Dydd Iau / dijous / Thursday

Chwefror - febrer - February/14/2002 8:59:16pm
Enw / Nom / Name: Allyn Rees
E-bost / correu electrònic / E-Mail:
Location: Wales
Comments: Many thanks for a very enjoyable read. I shall visit again when time permits.I am unashamedly patriotic when it comes to all things Welsh. Remember A laugh in any language sounds the same.


2002 Chwefror 13

Dydd Mercher - dimecres - Wednesday

Chwefror - febrer - February/13/2002 1:03:48pm
Enw / Nom / Name:    paul griffiths
Comments:     Please could you publish our details on your site if possible :
A fuasech mor garedig ag arddangos ein gwybodaeth ar y We. Diolch.

We are currently producing a new series for S4C - Channel 4 Wales called DIOLCH O GALON (A Heartfelt Thanks). The programme has a similar nature to Cilla's "Surprise, Surprise" where we give ordinary people from around the country the opportunity to nominate certain individuals who they would like to give their heartfelt thanks to. The "thanks" could be in several different forms from lifesaving to raising money for charities, from fostering children to caring for the ill. Do you know any Welsh-speaking people from your area that deserve such attention? Please contact me for further information or details. 00 44 1248 671167 Paul Griffiths / Tonfedd Eryri / Hen Ysgol Aberpwll / Y Felinheli / Gwynedd / LL56 4JS /
North Wales
Ateb / Resposta / Reply: Na allaf. Pam ych chi wedi ysgrifennu atom ni yn yr iaith fain? A mae'r rhaglen arfaethedig yn swnio'n sothach.



2002 Chwefror 13

Dydd Mercher - dimecres - Wednesday

Chwefror - febrer - February/13/2002 12:06:18am

Name: Penny Bachell


Location: -

Comments: I am researching my Family Tree, and have come across Bachell and Nant Bachell here. Could you please give me any further information about this, or direct me to someone that can? Thank you very much indeed for your attention.
Ateb / Resposta / Reply: Yn sir Powys y mae Nant Bachell (SO/0871) ar bwys Abaty Cwm Hir.
Nant Bachell ('the Bachell stream') is in Powys near Abaty Cwm Hir. Ordnance Survey map reference SO/0871. And apart from that I know nothing else about it. It is probably the same word as obsolete Welsh bachell = nook, little nook (made up of "bach" = nook, "-ell" a diminutive suffix). Pronunciation: [BA-khelh] (kh as in Scottish loch, lh = the Welsh aspirated L as in Llangollen)
Da boch chi, Ianto.



2002 Chwefror 13

Dydd Mercher - dimecres - Wednesday

Chwefror - febrer - February/13/2002 6:25:22am

Name: Tracy


Location: -

Comments: I am trying to find out what the welsh would be for moonlight shining on the ocean. Would appreciate any help. Thank you
Ateb / Resposta / Reply: (mae) golau’r lleuad yn disgleirio ar yr eigion = the moonlight (is) shining on the ocean [mai GO lair LHEI ad øn dis GLEIR yo ar ør EIG yon]
mai as in English 'my house'
GO as in GOT
lair as in English 'lyre'
LH is the Welsh aspirated L as in Llangollen
EI as in English ache, ace, able, aid
the slashed o is the obscure vowel like the first vowel in English ABOUT
GLEI as in English 'woodland glade'
EIG as in English Haig / Hague without the 'h'


2002 Chwefror 12

Dydd Mawrth - dimarts - Tuesday

Chwefror - febrer - February/12/2002 5:39:42pm

Name: Miriam Alam-Buide


Location: -

Comments: -
Ateb / Resposta / Reply: Diolch am eich sylwadau cynnil!


2002 Chwefror 10

Dydd Sul – diumenge - Sunday

Chwefror - febrer - February/10/2002 1:35:24am

Name: Lynda Langford (nee Thomas)


Homepage Title: Family Tree

Homepage URL:

Location: Shropshire UK

Comments: Great to read about the settlers, I think some of my own kin way back settled at Welsh Prarie. My dad was Welsh
Ateb / Resposta / Reply: Diddorol. O ble tybed?
Interesting. Where was he from?


2002 Chwefror 09

Dydd Sadwrn - dissabte - Saturday

Chwefror - febrer - February/09/2002 5:41:45pm

Name: Shoshana Powell


Location: Bainbridge Island, WA, USA

Comments: What is the Welsh word for "music"? I saw a Welsh web site for a radio station and would like to listen.

Thank you!
Shoshana Powell

ATEB: Cerddoriaeth / miwsig


2002 Chwefror 08

Dydd Gwener / divendres / Friday

Chwefror - febrer - February/08/2002 9:29:40pm

Name: Gareth William Jones


Location: Caerfyrddin

Comments: Diolch yn fawr am eich safle. Rydw i'n darlithio yng Ngholeg y Drindod Caerfyrddin, yn arbenigo mewn dysgu iaith.

ATEB: Diolch Gareth am dy neges



2002 Chwefror 03

Dydd Sul – diumenge - Sunday

Chwefror - febrer - February/03/2002 9:39:57pm

Name: angela lucas

E-Mail: angbighl@supadogboz

Location: Eastbourne, East Sussex England

Comments: I am new to the internet. I am descended from South Wales on my mothers side.
I am looking for the welsh equivalent for daughter or little girl
I shall be visiting your website regularly as I have always wanted to learn Welsh and now I can at my convenience!

ATEB: merch = girl, daughter. Merch fach = little girl.

2002 Chwefror 02

Dydd Sadwrn - dissabte - Saturday

Chwefror - febrer - February/02/2002 2:16:35am

Name: Marta


Location: Catalunya

Comments: Hola,

Aquest any he estudiat "Història i Cultura de les Illes Britàniques", i he après moltes coses que no sabia.
Des que he estudiat la seva història, noto Gal·les, Escòcia i Irlanda més a prop meu; en canvi, veig Anglaterra com Espanya: un país que intenta conquerir els altres imposant la seva religió, cultura i llengua amb un sentiment de superioritat. Tant de bo fóssim un país independent, tal i com finalment ha aconseguit, o va aconseguir, Irlanda al 1948; però què seria Espanya sense Catalunya? Res! Per això veig difícil que mai arribem a ser lliures. Jo vinc d'una família on el meu avi va anar a la Guerra Civil espanyola per lluitar contra el dictador feixista Franco, ell no va tenir joventut (va estar a un camp de concentració). Els meus pares tenien prohibit aprendre el Català a l'escola i a parlar-lo al carrer; eren dels que recolzaven el liberalisme i la "Nova Cançó" (molt important en aquella època) impulsada principalment pel magnífic cantautor Lluís Llach. I jo, ja he après la meva llengua materna a l'escola, sempre parlo el Català, i sempre lluitaré per la llibertat de Catalunya. Visca Catalunya i els Països Catalans! Des d'aquí una abraçada molt i
molt forta als gal·lesos, escocesos i irlandesos!

This year I've studied "History and Culture of the British Isles" and I've learnt a lot of things that I didn't know before. Since I've studied their history, I feel Wales, Scotland and Ireland much more near me; however I consider England the same as Spain: a country which tries to conquer other
lands imposing their religion, culture and language with a feeling of superiority. I really wish my country to be independent as
Ireland achieved it in 1948; but what would Spain do without Catalunya? Nothing! That's why I think it's quite difficult we get free. I come from a family that, my
grandfather went to fight in the Spanish Civil war against the fascist dictator Franco; he didn't have any youthfulness (he was in a concentration camp). My parents couldn't learn Catalan at school because it was banned, and it was also banned if anybody speak it in the street); they supported the liberalism and the "Nova Cançó" or "New Song" -which was so important for the people then- and was driven mainly by the brilliant singer and composer Lluís Llach. Finally, I learnt my mother tongue at school and I always speak Catalan and I'll always fight for Catalunya's freedom. Visca
Catalunya and Països Catalans (Catalan countries)! From here, I give a very tight hug to the Welsh, the Scottish and the Irish!!!

ATEB: Visca els Països Catalans! Diolch am dy neges.



2002 Ionawr 21

Dydd Llun / dilluns / Monday

Ionawr / gener / January /21/2002 7:29:29am

Name: Mike Phillips


Location: -

Comments: I have noticed that quite a number of Welsh given names, as in other languages, can be shared by either sex. Could a female legitimately be named 'Gwynne', or is this name strictly male?


2002 Ionawr 17

Dydd Iau / dijous / Thursday

Ionawr / gener / January /17/2002 9:00:24pm

Name: Geraint


Location: Efail Isaf Cymru - Wales

Comments: Mae'r we yn mynd yn fw swreal pob dydd. Beth fydd ein gwefan nesa ni - gwefan cneifio salvador dali?
The web is becoming increasingly surreal. What will the next website be? The




2001 Gorffennaf 22

Neil Croll

Great Britain / Prydain

Very interesting and useful. I have just discovered the Dictionary by accident when searching in despair for the meaning of 'gweithreg'. The definitions are very readable, but the page format is not ideal for British users, who pay for phone time when changing page. The etymologies are wonderful, including some I had been searching for. I notice you give no derivation for MYN(E)D - or indeed for MYNWENT or MELLTITH. The list of Welsh words derived from Latin (Der Lateinische Lehnwortschatz im Kymrischen, by Harald Haarman, Bonn 1970) gives these two as coming from the Latin 'Monumentum' and 'Maledictio'.



2001 Mai 09

Bjorn Langoren

Norway / US

I ran in to your site by chance when doing a search on my own email handle, "blangoren". I see blangoren is a welsh or catalanian word, but what does it mean? Just curious. By the way, if you wonder what the norwegian name langoren means, it is the name of a farm, and is a concatenation of "lang" and ør. Lang means long, ør means (river) bank. My family's farm is situated along the river, right next to the only long bank in that river




2000 Gorffennaf 20


Jamaica, West IndiesCame upon your web site in hopes of finding out if the name "Llauna" exists in the Welsh language - it's my cousin's and my aunt's name, but I'd love to know where it came from. Any ideas?


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