1385  Index to Welsh dialects.  In Wales there are two forms of the language whcihc are geographically  well differentiated – a southern and a northern type of Welsh. Traditionallly, both can be be further dividied into two, so that there are four recognisable dialects – north-western, north-eastern, south-western and south-eastern.  On this page we give links to pages in this website with information on Welsh dialects, with wordlists from different areas, and comparisons with standardised Welsh forms. enllaços amb les nostres pàgines on destaquem les diferències fonètiques entre el gal·lès de sud i el gal·lès parlat estàndard, entre altres temes



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Traditionally there are perceived to be two main varieties of Welsh  - northern and southern. Within this broad division, there are two northern varieties and two southern. Y Wyndodeg / the language of Gwynedd,  an Y  Bowyseg / the language of Powys in the old kingdom of Powys, Y Ddyfedeg / the language od Dyfed in the south-west, and Y Wenhwyseg / the language of Gwent in Gwent and Morgannwg. It remains a useful rough division of the country’s dialect areas.



 Alan R. Thomas (1973) identified three basic dialects - a northern, a midland and a southern, each with western and eastern varieties

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(Information from The Linguistic Geography of Wales, Alan R. Thomas, 1973)




Welsh Dialects  - index page




Pages in this website with information on the Welsh dialects:

1413k AMRYWIEITHOEDD Y GYMRAEG.  Y Traethodydd, Ionawr 1847 Awdur: (dienw)

Article in Welsh on the differences in the Welsh dialects as seen in the year 1847, especially comparing northern Welsh to southern Welsh - basically the same situation as today, apart from the loss of the south-eastern dialect of Welsh which at the time was becoming increasingly important as the south-east gained population through industrialisation, but was abandoned by the Welsh of that area en masse in the 1920s and 1930s.


0830e  (1) GOGLEDD A DE - NORTH AND SOUTH - Gwahaniaethau ffonetig rhwng Cymraeg y De a'r Gymráeg llafar safonol - Phonetic differences between Northern and Southern Welsh (03 10 97)

0139e  (2) GOGLEDD A DE - NORTH AND SOUTH - Gwahaniaethau tafodieithol - rhestr sÿdd yn dangos ffurfiau'r Gogledd a'r De, a'r iaith safonol Vocabulary differences between Northern and Southern Welsh (11 11 97)

1004e Y Wenhwyseg, iaith y de-ddwyrainGwentian, the dialect of south-east Wales. Here are links to pages in this website with descriptions of the dialect, and texts in the dialect.

2480k Treforus, Abertawe (1890)





2481e  Plural Forms used in the Lleyn dialect of Carnarvonshire, and Inflection of Adjectives for the Feminine and the Plural in the Lleyn dialect of Carnarvonshire (Transactions of the Guild of Graduates, Univeristy of Wales 1902)


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